Wednesday, September 30, 2009


A 5-session workshop exploring multimedia story telling as a path to recovery from eating disorders and body image issues

October 17 and 24 from 1-3 PM
November 7 and 14 from 1-4 PM
A December field trip adventure!

The Barrow Group
312 West 36th Street
New York, NY
Except October 17. Location TBA.

Susan Weiss Berry, MS, CNS, CHHC, Owner/Founding Director, Evolved Eating

Margaux Laskey, Writer, Performer and Creator of size ate, the one-woman show and blog

Detailed bios below.

bodyPeacebyPiece SM will teach you how to focus on and create your recovery stories. Shift your focus away from fear-mind, body dissatisfaction, what I ate/didn’t eat, should/shouldn’t eat towards dreams, ideas and passions. We’ll show you how to use storytelling as a way to heal and deal with challenging emotions, past and present, by exploring numerous forms of creative expression including painting, singing, acting, blogging, collaging, dancing, film-making and more! This workshop is a safe place where you will have the freedom to feel, remember, express and let go.

WHO IS THIS SERIES FOR? This workshop is open to all who have struggled with eating and body image disorders and want to actively explore new and creative ways of coping, expressing and healing. Anyone over age 18, male or female is welcome.

It’s okay to be scared! "Feel the fear and do it anyway!” Here’s the thing: Creativity is play. We recommend you take a deep breath, don’t think, jump in and play!

Susan Weiss Berry, MS, CNS, CHHC, Owner and Founding Director of Evolved Eating (, is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Mindfulness Educator, Coach, award-winning Writer, mentor, meditator and dreamer. For decades she’s been playing with writing, dancing, singing, beading, doll-making, sculpture, collage, wreath-making, fetish making, cooking, decorating.
“The creative process has been an essential part of my recovery from eating and body issues. Writing offers me a constant place of renewal as well as a place to kick, scream, swear, throw punches, sweat and detoxify. When I’m writing, I’m not worrying, or planning. I’m not rushing. I am present at play. By returning day after day to this creative universe and staying with my memories, dreams, fears, desires, I find the stories I want to tell and in so doing reconstruct and make sense of my life. While fear mind prefers I obsess over wrinkles, taxes, and thighs, oh my! my creative mind whistles—psssst, over here, here’s something cool to explore, a place to sit and play, where the biggest worry is choosing blue paint or red!”
Margaux Laskey Writer, Performer and Creator of size ate, the Award-winning autobiographical one-woman show and blog that explores her hilarious and harrowing adventures with body and food - disordered and otherwise. ( She performs her show at colleges, conferences and retreats as part of education and outreach. She’s been a crafty, artistic gal sometimes dipping and sometimes diving into all sorts of creative endeavors since she was wee – dancing, acting, jewelry-making, calligraphy, violin + flute playing, watercolor painting, baking, graphic design, illustration, singing, skipping, blogging.
“Why am I doing this? My escape from disordered eating took one giant leap forward when I started developing my one-woman show and writing my blog. Not only did it provide me with a means to express myself in a creative, fun and cathartic way, it also gave me a reason to wake up every morning that wasn't about my weight and food. We're hoping we'll be able to give this experience to every member of the class and potentially provide a jump start for your recovery. Recovery needn't always be a forehead bent to a brick wall in desperate prayer. Sometimes it's a dance, a song, a monologue, a thick streak of red paint across a blank, white canvas that says IF YOU SEE ME, I AM NOT ALONE.”


Cost: $225.00  Some scholarships available.

Space is limited. Payment reserves your space.

For class or scholarship information, please contact